Care to make my acquaintance?

Before We Play

I lead a busy lifestyle in my 'day job' which usually consists of me being out in the field on a horse.

To protect my time and safety I require you to adhere to certain screening requirements + pay a 30% deposit to my discreetly named bank account.

This allows me to commit fully to our booking in advance -be assured that deposits will always be fully refunded in the rare event that I need to cancel.

For screening: a copy of your photographic ID (driving licence or passport) is required.

In addition, if we are meeting at your residential address and you have sent me your passport, I will require a copy of a utility bill to confirm your residence there.

Please ensure that there is a landline telephone in either the hotel room or residential property, as I will need to call it at a pre-agreed time.

Be assured that I would never share your personal information and it will be destroyed after our date.

Date Etiquette

I thoroughly enjoy my time as a companion because I choose only to meet with respectful suitors. Before we meet, I have a few guidelines that will ensure our encounter goes smoothly. Please always:

- ensure the balance of my fee is paid promptly on arrival in cash

- pay any additional fees at the start of any extended time, in cash, without being prompted

- ensure you have impeccable personal hygiene; before our date take a shower, shave, etc. to ensure we have a great experience.

- on dates of four hours or longer, please incorporate dinner/out of the bedroom activities

- overnight dates must allow for adequate sleep

- if you are going to be late, let me know as early as possible and understand that I may not be able to stay later than our initially agreed time

- always treat me with the utmost respect and I will be sure to always do the same.